Editing around the world

We’ve been editing for a number of years. Over time, our edits have surfaced two very big surprises.

Who would have thought that our editing would have taken us on a tour of writers from all over the world? Writers from Romania, Bermuda, New Zealand, Australia, as well as coast to coast in the United States.  Writers not only spread all over the world, but stories, that like our reading, cover a host of genres and are aimed at age groups from children to seniors.

But perhaps the biggest surprise has been the talent of those whose work we’ve edited. Many have been first time writers, and we’re glad to say that our initial expectations of extensive editing, have often been unfounded. Even for those with English as their second language, their storytelling skills have made our correcting misused words or rewriting jumbled sentences more of a pleasure then a trauma.

Perhaps our vast travels have helped, especially when regional details and time zones become muddled. Even there though, spotting where they went astray and getting things back to the proper place and time is often easy.

But it’s not just been a one-way street of learning. Helping with our knowledge of regional histories has been the various memoirs we’ve edited. Here again, our editing has taken us into areas of research that have broadened our worldly knowledge and allowed us to verify the author’s descriptions, based on their memories.

Finally, the wide variety of genres, each with their own rules, story arcs and subplots has often allowed us to suggest blending these from one genre to another, thus, helping our authors to create some truly unique subplots.

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