We offer the following services to help your writing dreams become a reality.

Conceptual – Wanna be a Writer?

Have an idea for a book – fiction or non-fiction?

We’ll work with you to discuss your ideas, help shape them and devise an action plan to get you to Chapter 1 and beyond.

We’ll give you templates and checklists to get you underway in our Wanna be a Writer package.

Developmental Editing

At this stage we undertake a thorough look at your manuscript and critique it for:

  • Structure
  • Characterization/Character Arc
  • Goal, Motivation, Conflict
  • Correct point of view
  • Showing not telling
  • Plot
  • Pacing
  • Genre specific/appropriate
  • Believable dialogue
  • Balance between narrative and dialogue
  • Scene descriptions

Copy/Line Editing

Here we go over your work checking it for the following:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Consistency (American or British English)
  • Sentence construction (including elimination of unnecessary words) – syntax, tense, overuse of clichés, adverbs, purple prose)
  • Typos
  • Style sheet used correctly, if applicable
  • Style guide, where appropriate, used correctly


This is the last step to be undertaken when the manuscript has been through the above stages and checks typos in spelling, punctuation, grammar and spacing only.


Our rates

To ensure we give you the best rate possible we will critique your first 30 pages for FREE plus 10 pages from the middle of your manuscript and provide a price estimate.

Romance Writers NZ or USA and San Diego Writers and Editors Guild may receive up to 10 percent discount after initial manuscript assessment.