Blogs versus speaking versus workshops

As part of our services, we try to help potential clients in four ways:

  • blogs
  • speaking engagements
  • workshops and
  • direct contracts for specific services.

The first three of these are intended to help you make an educated decision as to which of our services will work best for you. In that light, we thought we’d define who each is aimed at and why you might want to choose one over the other.


Blogs, by definition, are written in a conversational way and intended to be informative for a large Internet audience. It’s our hope that through our blogs we can pass on our knowledge and expertise on a particular subject so that you can decide where we might be of help.

However, blogs by there very nature a usually short and cover a topic only in a general sense. For example, even though our editing series of blogs covers the different types of editing in a bit more detail than our website, we are still limited as to how many details and examples we can cover.

Perhaps a better way of looking at blogs is that they are meant for the masses and it’s hard to target the audience or specific questions.


Robyn and Bob speaking on writing at the Bonita Library  – January 2018

Speaking on the other hand has us often addressing the same subjects as a blog but is much more personal from two standpoints. First, our audience is much smaller and second, we always allow time for your questions.

When we do a speaking engagement, it will often cover the same subject as our blog but we can go into much more detail. Better yet, we can give more examples, take questions from our audience and direct our knowledge to your specific needs; limited of course by the time we’re given.

But even there, we’re usually the ones that set the time we think we’ll need, based on our experience. Thus, for more complicated subjects we will allocate more time for not only the talk, but questions afterward.



Robyn presenting at Sydney 2018
Robyn presenting at Personal Assistant Conference on minute taking – Sydney 2018

These are typically built on our speaking presentations and often cover exactly the same material. Here though, we request more time and throw in a lot more examples. We also allow much more time for questions and, in many cases, will go into your specific examples at the end.

These interactive workshops give participants the opportunity to share their ideas and experiences with each other. This helps broaden the knowledge base of everyone taking the workshop and us. Neither of us can remember a workshop where we didn’t run into something totally new.

We also like participants to leave our workshops with an action plan so that they can progress through key points after the workshop.


So, which is right for you?

We recommend our workshops first because we believe, no matter what your level, you’ll get the most out of them.

Attending one of our speaking sessions follows as a close second.

And of course, reading our blog and asking questions if you can’t make it to one of the exotic places where we’re speaking or doing a workshop.


Questions gladly accepted so, ask away!

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