I have just posted my completed manuscript off to the digital editor and in doing so, instead of being highly excited and jumping for joy, I experienced a deep emotional wrenching that had me crying into my hands. I wasn’t sure if it was because I was just exhausted from the nearly two-year process or it was because I was handing something precious, a part of my heart and soul to the world to pass judgement on. However, I did have the comfort in knowing that this manuscript was the best it could be and part of this I have to thank Writing Allsorts. Robyn and Bob completed the proofreading and the results were excellent, despite my requesting a very tight timeframe. They added suggestions, offered advice and most importantly, gave me support at a time when I was wobbly and losing confidence. I submitted a manuscript which looks professional, has been assessed by experts and I am one very gratified author.  Chris Stuart. “For Reasons of their Own.” Shortlisted for NZ Booklovers Award 2021

“Thank you for a very thorough editing and proofreading on my book The Executive Guide to Conference and Event Management. I would have no hesitation in recommending Robyn for her excellent proofreading skills. She brought her knowledge of the field I was writing about which was an added dimension to her proofreading and helped me in thinking about the structure of the book as well – very valuable.”

Eth Lloyd, MNZM, M Ed, AAPNZ (Life, Fellow, Cert)


Eth Lloyd

“Robyn provided my novel The Promise with the finishing polish. She was professional to deal with and delivered exactly when and what she said she would for an excellent and competitive price point. I have no hesitation in recommending her services.”

Michelle Vernal

“Robyn’s editing skills greatly helped my manuscript, Halls of Ivy. She caught numerous errors that I otherwise would never have caught. Her invaluable changes in word choice and elimination of unnecessary and repetitive words helped improve the clarity and flow of my story immensely. I would recommend her editing skills to anyone looking to polish up their work ready for professional publishing.”


Lindsay Carlton

“I can’t thank Bob and Robyn enough for the developmental editing they did for my manuscript, Never Alone in the Sandbox. This being my first book, I had no idea the steps it takes to become a published book (still in the process!) Bob and Robyn were honest with me and very timely on their part and actually completed the edit earlier than projected. I appreciate and value all of their suggestions for revisions. Especially with being a first book, it was difficult to allow others to read it, critique it and be open to their perspective, however, Bob and Robyn made the process much easier and nonjudgmental. They truly have my best interest in mind for what I am trying to accomplish. I fully trust their skills and professionalism and highly recommend their expertise. Thanks so much to you both!”


Renee Schoen

Shortly before my mom passed away, her and I had been talking about gathering all of her poems and writing a poetry book.  Once she passed, I was determined to finish the project but, couldn’t.  So, I put the project on a shelf and took a couple years to heal.  Finally, 5 years later, I finished the book.  I closed up my files and shut off the computer.  My “baby” was done.  Now what do I do?  Where do I turn?  I hadn’t a clue.

During this time, I had recently read a couple books by Bob Boze and he seemed to be, from his writings, a very down-to-earth, easily approachable person.  I took a leap of faith and sent him an email with a few basic questions.  It was the best email I’ve ever sent.  To say that he took the ball and rolled with it would be an understatement.  He was warm and kind and answered all my questions.  He then followed with a few questions for me about the book, my mother, my goals, etc. to enable him to help me more.

I will confess, I am not tech savvy, and I am sure there were times that Bob probably wanted to pull his hair out as I struggled to accomplish the simple tasks, he was asking me for.  The actual process of uploading the entire book to him even became a sideshow.  However, Bob patiently worked with me, taking me through the process step by step.

Wanting to self-publish should not mean wanting to go broke and in my first email from Bob he advised that you should never pay to be published.  I had received numerous quotes from companies willing to “publish” my book and some were in the thousands.  Bob broke down every aspect for me.  This included proofreading, editing, formatting, copyrights, back cover description, the interior design, uploading to Amazon and the beautiful front cover layout…I could go on and on.  He took the time to break down the costs and, all I can say is, the cost was beyond nominal.

I was so pleased with the finished product and the process that Bob and Writing Allsorts did, I actually told Bob, “You have made this process so painless that I am now ready to get to work on book two.”  Needless to say, I have already made my mind up to use Writing Allsorts again.  They did an excellent job!

Kim Aalaie, The Lady Veteran Has Her Say

Kim Aalaie

Bob and Robyn were a great addition to our student’s development as writers. Not only did they provide meaningful feedback for student writers during our mid-year jury, but they also gave a workshop about picking topics when the school was doing distance learning [during the pandemic]. I can’t wait to have them back next year.


Susie Strasser

San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts

Creative Writing Department Chair

Yearbook Advisor

English Department


Susan Strasser