Kim Aalaie

When the time came to publish my first book, The Lady Veteran Has Her Say, I turned to Bob Boze immediately for help as I was at a complete loss of where to start. Having never published before I needed guidance in every area and Writing Allsorts, with Bob’s direction, thankfully took over and I was extremely pleased with the work Robyn and he did. The book turned out beautifully and I was very satisfied with the finish product and the wonderful cover that Bob created according to my suggestions. So, when I, a year later, was ready to publish my second book, “Welcome to Hell,” I never considered going elsewhere. Never shopped around, just reached out to Bob. Robyn and him pretty much took over again thankfully. I was so grateful! I remember one day making a comment to Robyn about all the hard work and she expressed to me that some authors find the editing process harder than the writing process…she is so correct, so being able to turn over the rough-draft manuscript and allowing Writing Allsorts to pull together a well-worded finish product is so satisfying. There is a peace of mind that comes from “giving your baby” to someone you trust and knowing they will work hard on making it the best book that they can. The book turned out great with Bob doing the cover again and I was a happy writer. No matter what your writing consists of, Writing Allsorts are perfect for your needs. No project is too large or small. I wasn’t planning on writing again so soon, but circumstances just kind of fell into place and I am working on my third book. I have no other plans than to contact Writing Allsorts once I am ready to publish again. Bob and Robyn are both friendly, down-to-earth professionals that know how to get the job done without stressing the author out. I, personally, will use no one else besides Writing Allsorts for all my publishing needs.