Dr. Mathew Barry

Like many others, In early 2020 when the COVID pandemic first started, I found myself with some extra time on my hands. I am in the medical field, so I also saw firsthand the way people were affected not only from the disease itself, but from being more and more sedentary. I found myself being asked many of the same questions by my patients regarding ways to improve their health and well-being. I decided to write down certain protocols that I would share with my patients to help them with these questions.

After a few months, I realized that I had enough information to put these protocols in book format. Having never written a book before, the process was a bit intimidating. I was completely lost on how to get published, how to properly format, and how to correctly edit my book.  After a chance encounter, I ran into a person who was able to help me with all of these concerns.

Bob and Robyn at Writing Allsorts were the perfect team for me. They were very thorough with their editing, as I’m no Hemmingway, and were easy to work with. They made poignant recommendations and were able to offer various options to make my writing flow more smoothly, along with making it sound more professional. They understood that this book was my baby, so to speak, so they left the “soul” intact while assisting with the prose and formatting.

Moreover, they were able to walk me through the publishing process, which turned out to be easier than I thought. There was never a time where I didn’t think I could lean on them for anything I needed to get this thing to the finish line.

Lastly, the pricing was more than fair, especially seeing as how they not only walked you through the publishing, but were still available afterward for all of the inevitable questions that came up after the sales start.

I’m not sure if I will be writing another book or not, but I assure you that if I do, I will use Writing Allsorts again for all of my needs.

50 is the new 20: A step-by-step guide to longevity